STEM Labs: Technology changing the way we think about teaching and learning

On the last teacher workday of the year, I was fortunate to take an impromptu trip to Stenstrom Elementary, one of Seminole County's schools with a working STEM Lab model. They have two of these tech-heavy classrooms, and construction begins this summer for two more. As a teacher slated to receive my own STEM Lab at Carillon next year, I was quite curious to see what this 21st century classroom looked like.

After spending the previous three days packing up my own "stuff" from my classroom, I was in awe: where was this teacher's "stuff"? The room was completely empty, and with the exception of a small stack of student cubbies and some minimal cabinetry, there was no place to put anything. Where would our pencils go? Notebooks? Textbooks? Manipulatives?

I asked the media specialist who led our tour what solutions these teachers had found in regards to supplies and storage. Did teachers use caddies? Provide additional storage?
"No, actually. They don'…